Seamlessly weaving together social critique with complex narratives from my own life story, my art sheds light on Western society's unrealistic standards of beauty and perfection. This blog is dedicated to sharing my process and offering a glimpse into the material I draw inspiration from. 

Restriction, Perfection: the Other Side of Beauty

Restriction, Perfection: The Other Side of Beauty is a unique hybrid of sculpture and dance that pushes the boundaries of contemporary art. It explores the warped perceptions and damaging effects of Western society’s unrealistic standards of beauty, ability and perfection. The performances will offer the audience an opportunity to view an unconventional art form that questions cultural norms and encourages social change, followed by a moderated Q & A with Becca Cerra and the dancers.

This work will debut with the following schedule: (click the date below to purchase tickets)

Thursday, May 26, 8 pm @ The Old Shafer Creamery Event Center, Shafer, MN

Friday, May 27, 8 pm @ Tek Box in the Cowles Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis, MN

Saturday, May 28, 8 pm @ Tek Box in the Cowles Center for Performing Arts in Minneapolis, MN

*Doors open at 7 pm, performance at 8 pm, Q&A with Becca Cerra and the performers at 9 pm


The Story

Born out of my own struggles facing mental and physical disabilities, Restriction, Perfection: the Other Side of Beauty offers insight into the internal consequences sufferers endure and offers hope to those grappling with their own struggles. It invites viewers to question how physically altered states translate to the psyche and how psychological states manifest themselves physically.

The Process

This performance is the culmination of a yearlong project in which I have been working closely with a group of movement artists. Each dancer chose a body part to symbolize her own story of trauma, abuse, disability, illness, or injury. Then using traditional steel fabrication and foundry techniques, I created wearable, steel garments that, when worn, impose physical restrictions on the dancers’ chosen body parts. Through a choreographed performance, the dancers will show how it is possible to overcome physical limitations, defy expectations, and find empowerment in disability. For more details about the process take a look at my post from late last year "Updates from the Sculpture Studio."

*This activity is made possible by a fellowship from the East Central Regional Arts Council (ECRAC) with funds appropriated by The McKnight Foundation and by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the East Central Regional Arts council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.