Samgha Safari




Yoga Retreat and Safari

January 15-21, 2017

You're invited to spend 7 days, 6 nights at Campi Ya Kanzi in Kenya with Becca Cerra and Tricia Ann Cruz!



The Experience:

Roughly translated from sanskrit, Samgha means a gathering of community. In this once-in-a-lifetime experience Samgha Safari, you'll share Campi ya Kanzi with up to 16 yogis from around the world to practice Power Vinyasa and AcroYoga, detach from every day stresses, and indulge in the wonders on the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. This retreat is a true marriage of yoga and a traditional African Safari adventure.

Mornings will be filled with yoga classes: asana, pranayama, and meditation.

During the afternoon you will travel across the 280,000 acres of land experiencing a true safari. 

In the evenings we will gather again for a nightly ceremony to reflect on the days journey and set intentions for following day.

For more information about what is included in the safari, visit: click here.

Meet Your Teachers

Becca Cerra and Tricia Cruz met in January 2016 at their 200-hour teacher training at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India. They immediately bonded over their dedication to their own practices, commitment to sharing the yogic path, and their insatiable hunger for chapati.

Pricing Options

Pay for 4 nights and stay for 6! Campi Ya Kanzi is offering this unique experience at a 35% discounted rate of only $4500 per person

Early Bird Special: (before Oct. 15)

$4,226 per person

*Reserve your spot with a $200 deposit. Payment plans and installments available. Contact


What's included:

  • Transfer flights from Nairobi to Campi ya Kanzi
  • 6 nights full board in our luxury cottage tents/suites, drinks included and game drives etc..
  • $101 daily conservation fees paid directly to the Maasai tribe
  • Full safari
  • Daily yoga classes: Power Vinyasa, AcroYoga, pranayama, meditation
  • Yoga "swag" bag filled with handcrafted jewelry made by the Maasai tribe and products from various yoga-inspired businesses
  • Opening and closing party

About Campi Ya Kanzi And The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

A life changing experience, a journey of the souls. This is the appropriate luxury that we offer.

This is truly the most iconic safari land: Kilimanjaro dominates the view; elephants and lions roam free in true wilderness; giraffes and zebras cover the plains, and Maasai warriors contemplate.

Safari is quite a charming word. It is exotic and iconic at the same time. Safari means “voyage” or “expedition” in Kiswahili. With us your luxury safari will translate into a unique authentic experience: you will discover a vanishing Africa, explore an incredible wilderness, see amazing wildlife, while being deeply immerse in a fascinating culture and contributing to preserving it.

Campi ya Kanzi is a luxury eco lodge, the most awarded in East Africa and the first the be Gold rated by Ecotourism Kenya.

Imagine: 283,000 acres for 16 guests, no other camps, no other visitors. An immense wilderness all for yourself to explore, with 63 different big mammals species (lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, leopards; hundreds of zebras, giraffes, hartebeests, wildebeests. And also cheetahs, wild dogs, lesser kudus, gerenuks, oryx).

What is really special at Campi ya Kanzi is being hosted by Maasai, on their land. You will be involved not just in tourism, but in preserving –through your visit – the very same wilderness and wildlife that the Maasai are sharing with you.

Kenya recognizes over fifty tribes of native people. The Maasai were the dominating tribe at beginning of 20th century. They are one of the very few tribes who have retained most of their traditions, lifestyle and lore.
Don’t forget that for every day you spend at Campi ya Kanzi, a $101 conservation fee is set aside to assist the Maasai community and to protect their wildlife.

The main goal of Campi ya Kanzi is to protect the land of the Maasai; 283,000 acres of Kuku Group Ranch, to enable the Maasai community to keep living according to their traditions, if they so wish.
Your visit to Campi ya Kanzi contributes tremendously to achieving this goal.

The conservation fee is levied by the community and paid in full to the Maasai Wilderness Conservaiton Trust, an award winning conservation and economic development organization working to preserve the ecosystem and strengthen the welfare of the community. The conservation fee funds a program called Wildlife Pays, which compensates the community for losses of livestock to predators and employs community rangers to stop poaching.

Your visit to the camp helps the Maasai retain their heritage. You will not leave by having taken something away, you will leave Campi ya Kanzi enriched by a human experience that, hopefully, will accompany you for years to come.


For more information about Campi ya Kanzi and the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust visit: