A Humble Reliance

A Humble Reliance, Senior Thesis, 2014

This work is about trust, honesty, and vulnerability. It is called “A Humble Reliance” referencing the reliance I have on my body in order to experience the world. My structures serve as prosthetics to help my body achieve what it can’t on its own.

So much of the world today is constructed for the ideal body. I spent years trying to change what I was capable of doing thinking my body was the problem since I didn’t fit the standard. I’ve come to realize that instead of changing my body I can change the systems and structures that support it.

Metal has no memory; it is permeable, malleable and forgiving. My body is not. Instead of manipulating my body, I now manipulate the material that supports it. I want to enhance what I am capable of by using my sculptures as an aid to achieve new feats. I fabricate steel structures inspired by gymnastics and dance apparatuses to perform innovative routines on top of, all the while highlighting different experiences and feelings.