Artist Statement

Becca Cerra is an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of visual and performing arts. She combines aspects of sculpture with that of contemporary dance and partner acrobatics to create a hybrid art form. 

Becca Cerra

Interdisciplinary Artist: Sculptor, Performer, Acrobat, Dancer

Seamlessly weaving together social critique and complex narratives from my own life, my art sheds light on Western society's unrealistic standards of perfection. Through my own struggles trying to attain such elusive constructs, I have realized that instead of changing my body to fit expectations, I can change the systems, and structures that support it.

As a teenager, I struggled to see the beauty in my own imperfection and spent years battling an eating disorder. Going through the process of recovering from an eating disorder myself, and speaking with many others who face similar struggles, I noticed how often suffering occurs internally – invisible to the outside world. Then this past year I suffered a debilitating ankle injury that has left me disabled. In contrast to my eating disorder, which ran its course primarily unnoticeable, people can see my ankle injury. They can see my limp, the cast I wore for months, or the cane I use to walk around. These visual cues – and viewers’ responses to them – have inspired my recent body of work: metal sculptures that wrap around and extend from the body, and thus force the wearer to purposefully engage the rest of the body in unfamiliar ways.

My work not only highlights the physical struggle to achieve perfection but also the internal and silent consequences. It invites viewers to question how physically altered states translate to the psyche and the ways in which psychological states manifest themselves physically. With an extensive background in dance and partner acrobatics, I introduced my own body into my sculpture practice and have since opened conversations with people around the world about their own struggles to achieve perfection.